Vijay Kumar Singh's Story

Finding my place in a new country

Canada - a new horizon
They say life is too short and the world is too big to stay in one place. I grew up and began my career in India where I worked for a top insurance company. Thereafter I moved to Middle East and got the opportunity to work with leading companies. I moved to Canada in 2019 and remember the day vividly. I was traveling from the Middle East, where the temparature was mostly touching circa 50°C, to the Great White North where the temperature was in the -40s, amidst a terrible storm! And so, this is the story of my voyage to the land of stunning landscapes; joining a fascinating job at Northbridge; and navigating a great temperature shift. 
Northbridge - a welcoming workplace
Any move to a new country is big and challenging. One has to get accustomed to a new culture, people, and way of living. Add to that, I moved to Canada at the beginning of a tumultuous time. The global pandemic was just around the corner, and it was going to change everything - so all you can expect is a rocky start! But to my surprise, life had something else in store for me. The people at Northbridge offered tremendous support, and even though we were all working remotely at the time, I felt their warm welcome.
Looking back - a truly great decision
I'm glad to be working in an environment where inclusion is a core principle, and your skills and talents are valued. Everyone I met at Northbridge really helped me become a part of our people-first culture and made me feel connected with the company and the culture. With every interaction, I saw how diverse Northbridge is and I believe that has helped rank us consistently as a top insurance employer. Working here, I'm constantly reminded that Canada really is the land of opportunities. If you can dream it - you can achieve it!


We believe it's important to have fun at work and stay connected with each other!
Lunch Lottery
When employees join the Lunch Lottery, they enjoy a free lunch while connecting with a colleague in the office. It's a chance to build relationships with others they haven't met before - one lunch at a time.
Celebrating Diversity
We encourage our employees to share interesting facts, history, and personal stories about the holidays that mean most to them - and others join them in commemorating these special occasions.
Summer Socials & Events
Each summer, we host a large social event in each of our offices. Everyone comes together for some fun, food, and an overall great time! We also host other social events throughout the year, organized by our local committees.