Saadia Rayman's Story

Making our Hybrid Model work for me

An ideal work-life balance
I believe every individual has a different definition of work-life balance. To me, it means being able to spend time on what one's truly passionate about and putting ourselves higher on our 'to-do' list. Working at Northbridge for the past 16 years, I've had the opportunity to explore a variety of roles - and now have the privilege focusing on work that I love doing. When the workload becomes heavy, I'm fortunate to be working with a great team and supportive leader that I can turn to for help.
Choosing what works best
​​​​​​​for me
The focus when designing our hybrid workplace has been on creating a network of connected people, while being able to balance individual needs. I really appreciate the flexibility Northbridge provides to its employees to choose how and where they work. And so, while we have a great 50% work from home program (which many take advantage of), I chose the option that allows me to come into the office every day because that's what works best for me! My commute allows me to shift my mind to where it needs to be, helping to physically separate my two worlds.
Feeling supported by my team
Outside of my work, I love to spend time with my family, travel, bake and discover new restaurants around town. Our time-off allocations, along with our "own your week program" allows me to do just that and more! Having a supportive team and leader means that I can make the space for myself and take the time off I need to balance what's important to me. And so, at Northbridge, you know that no matter how you choose to do what you do - you'll be supported along the way.


We're serious about ensuring our people have what they need to live a balanced life. 
Own Your Week Program
More flexibility means you can balance your time in a way that works best for you. Schedule a later time to hit the gym or get home earlier so you can meet the school bus. As long as you work 7.5 hours each day - you're good to go! 
Summer Hours & Early Leave
We know summers are extra special in Canada, and so you can leave two hours early on every Friday during July and August. We also offer early leave the day before every long weekend throughout the rest of the year.
Our Hybrid Workplace
When you opt into our Work From Home (WFH) Program, you can work offsite for 50% of your working hours. We also offer everyone an additional 10 days to work offsite regardless of whether they're opted into the WFH program.