Lindsay Fraser's Story

Creating a great experience for my team

My Northbridge journey
My journey at Northbridge has been amazing. I was working as a customer service representative at a local brokerage when I learned that the VP of Operations in Atlantic Canada at Northbridge was looking to hire someone into the Underwriting team. I had met him several times at events, so I reached out to him, I had the privilege of taking on more progressive roles in the underwriting realm. I am currently working as the VP of Operations Atlantic Canada at Northbridge.
My beliefs as a leader
As a leader, I truly believe in the power of open and honest conversations. A good conversation is a dialogue and not a monologue - and so I encourage my team to express their opinions and discuss their ideas openly. When creativity, hard work, and self-determination come together, great things begin to happen. I do not perceive my role to be sitting in an office and delegating tasks - instead, I believe in connecting my team to our shared vision, focusing on their professional growth, and empowering them to do their best.
Leading and succeeding at Northbridge
People Leaders at Northbridge are encouraged to make a difference and to create a great workplace for great people. Whether it is by providing recognition, looking for development opportunities, or even celebrating milestones - people leaders are inspired to coach and support our teams throughout their journey. In order to be successful here, I encourage my teams to have a strong focus on customer service, always be curious, and be willing to learn! It is incredible what Northbridge can do for you if you wish to grow in the insurance industry.


Because we're all striving to create a great workplace for great people.
New Leader Bootcamp
Our Learning & Development team hosts these sessions to introduce new leaders to the skills they need to be successful as Northbridge Leaders. This Bootcamp is geared towards new Northbridge people leaders - whether recently hired or newly promoted.
Rewards and Recognition
With our Boost Program, it's easy for people leaders and colleagues to send recognition and reward anyone across the organization. Because...thanking each other and celebrating our work is a great way to boost each other!
Leadership Days
Leadership Days are dedicated to enhancing our people leaders' leadership skills. Each year, we cover a different theme, such as having effective coaching conversations or how to leverage team strengths. These interactive sessions offer leaders a chance to get some hands-on practice!