Jiali Ou's Story

Why I returned to Northbridge: My unfinished story

Starting at Northbridge
From when I first joined Northbridge six years ago, my experience has been nothing but positive. And yet, there came a moment that I thought exploring other opportunities was the right move for my career. Leaving Northbridge was an extremely difficult decision because I loved the company, the people, my role, and the culture. Most importantly, I loved my job! As a designer I got to work on new projects each day and that's pretty exciting! So, there was nothing that I didn't truly appreciate about Northbridge.
Deciding to leave
My people leader created the best exit experience possible for me. He encouraged me to embrace the change I wanted and also reinforced that the doors at Northbridge were always open for me! The authenticity of his offer really stuck. Meanwhile, at the new job, I realized it wasn't a good fit for me. Throughout my time there, whenever the team or company I left behind came up in conversation, I continued to refer to them as "we" or "us". I realized that I felt like I still belonged at Northbridge.
Welcome home
Six weeks into my new job, I decided to reach out to my people leader at Northbridge, to see if they had found someone to replace me. Thankfully, he hadn't yet! I returned to my previous job at Northbridge very shortly after, no onboarding needed - just a big, warm "welcome home." Northbridge understands that things happen in life - and it's in our culture, and connections to care, whether or not you're officially a part of the team. Returning to Northbridge was truly like coming back home - and it was one of the best decisions I've made.