Anas Shafique's Story

Jumpstarting my career with the New Graduate Program

Getting hired at Northbridge
As graduation from school neared, and the global pandemic was in full effect, I was worried about finding my first job. Luckily, I came across a job posting at my school for Northbridge during my last semester. Once shortlisted, the entire interview process, from receiving the initial email to the final interview, was conducted in the most professional and warm manner. Compared to my previous interview experiences, I really felt valued with Northbridge, and knew that these were the people I wanted to work with. 
Fueling my greatest potential
I believe Northbridge's New Graduate Program is one of the most impactful ways for new graduates to jump-start their career. One of the best parts of this program is the opportunity to interact with leaders in the company. This is not only inspiring, but it gave me the ability to build meaningful connections and find mentors at an early stage of my career. Another advantage of this program is the friendships you forge with others who are also just starting out, making the journey more fun and engaging.
Continuing to excel
I've been here for a year and a half, and I can safely say that Northbridge values its people and invests in them in many ways. Some of these include education on new insurance products, training on advanced operating systems, and support while the employees pursue their insurance designations. Seeking out opportunities to evolve is encouraged - and I feel valued for who I am and the potential I bring. 


We help get you where you want to go and create the career you dream of. 
Education Assistance
We offer employees the ability to develop their skills by covering 100% of course costs (including textbooks), making it easier to get where they want to go.
Mentorship Program
We match employees one-on-one with others who will act as trusted advisors - helping mentees develop personal skills and capabilities to achieve their professional goals.
Learning Resources
Employees have access to 4,000+ courses through LinkedIn, making learning exciting and accessible. We also offer in-house learning sessions that enable employees to pick up on knowledge and share their experiences with each other.