Aldo Pellegrino's Story

Achieving a successful work-life balance

Growing with Northbridge
It was back in 2016 that I joined Northbridge as an Underwriter and was quick to realize that it was one of the best decisions that I had made. As my time here progressed, my people leader encouraged me to take a shot at the Underwriting System Support Advisor role. Looking back, it was the right move because I truly enjoy what I do today. I am grateful for the encouragement and the fact that my people leader saw my potential.
Putting people first
Helping employees strike a healthy balance between their careers and personal priorities goes to the core of Northbridge's way of working. The people here understand that family comes first - and so, I always feel comfortable telling my people leader about family or personal commitments that are important to me. Similarly, I also communicate with my family members about my dedicated work hours, especially when I am working from home. That allows me to focus both on my work and my loved ones.
The hybrid way of life
I truly believe our 50-50 hybrid program offers us the best of both worlds. When I'm in the office, I have the opportunity to collaborate and create a personal connection with my colleagues. For the rest of my time, I can work from home, which means I can complete work that requires concentration or focus on some online learning. This approach also allows me to take care of my well-being - both mentally and socially. So glad to have the flexibility to make meaningful work and life choices!


We're serious about ensuring our people have what they need to live a balanced life.
Own Your Week Program
More flexibility means you can balance your time in a way that works best for you. Schedule a later time to hit the gym or get home earlier so you can meet the school bus. As long as you work 7.5 hours each day - you're good to go!
Summer Hours & Early Leave
We know summers are extra special in Canada, and so you can leave two hours early on every Friday during July and August. We also offer early leave the day before every long weekend throughout the rest of the year.
Our Hybrid Workplace
When you opt into our Work From Home (WFH) Program, you can work offsite for 50% of your working hours. We also offer everyone an additional 10 days to work offsite regardless of whether they've opted into the WFH program.